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Connecting Across Continents: South African New Plays Writing Programme

Connecting Across Continents: South African New Plays Writing Programme


A five-day workshop bringing together South African writers from across the country got underway on Wednesday 6th July at the National Arts Festival in Grahamstown.

The workshops, led by Ola Animashawun and Greg Homann aim to nurture a new layer of South African writers who have vibrant stories to tell. Over the next few months South African writers will be sharing ideas with UK writers from the Sustained Theatre network over the internet. Check out the writers’ blog on the international page over the coming weeks and months.

SANPWP is a Sustained Theatre partnership initiative with Wits Theatre/University, Department of Arts & Culture (SA) and the British Council.

Posted by Leo Parris, Monday 11th July, 2011


Wednesday 13th July, 2011


It was certainly not a easy joyride, it was 5 full days of Discovery. Until just a few days ago writting a script was merely just abaut telling a story with dialogue and movement on black and white; my goodness was I wrong abaut that.

As an artist, I gained confidence, skills to think clearly and write down exactly what I mean. Out of these workshops I'm taking a lot with me as everything was completley new to me but I must say, I am still fascinated as to how formulating a structure for your script and a clear character analysis can help with artistic blocks.. It is a usefull tool that I wish I knew before I had even begun writting plays.

The development programme certainly gave me the key to success and not to mention that little "push" that I needed to stand on a well balanced and firm foundation. Our fascilitators were wonderfull, clear, straight foward and understandable... They certainly made this experience less formal and gave it a more fresh approach hence we didn't even fall asleep during the workshops as tired and drained as we were; they kept us on our toes; constantly challenging us and keeping us active ;'torture' but for the right reasons ofcourse.

There are so many things I learnt not only about Script writting but a lot about myself as an Artist; this programme has given me brand new glass spectacles and now I'm going through my other scripts analysing them using the tools that I have been given by this programme; I definatley look foward to putting theory into practise and assess the "before and after".. My future writtings will never be the same with all the knowledge I have now.

I'm definatley proud of myself for having applied to be in this programme and I thank the team for granting me this opportunity; I look foward to what my future in playwright has instore for me.

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